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Terms of Endearment

Personalize Your Monument 

When choosing a monument, it's essential to infuse it with a personal touch that captures the essence of your sentiments. Below are some carefully curated adjectives and terms of endearment that can be considered for personalization. These suggestions serve as a starting point, and we encourage you to think creatively. If you have a unique phrase or word in mind, we're more than happy to provide a sketch for your review before finalizing your decision.

Terms of Endearment:

  • Beloved

  • Loving

  • Cherished

  • Precious

  • Proud

  • Dedicated

  • Treasured

  • Devoted

  • Caring

  • Adored

  • Dearest

  • Dear

  • Truly Loved

Remember, the monument is a reflection of your sentiments, and we're here to help you make it as special as possible.

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2023-11-05 20.26.03 - A black and white hand-drawn sketch on paper, showcasing an artisan

Suggested Epitaphs

Commemorating a loved one requires words that echo the heart's sentiments. Below is a curated list of epitaphs to consider, capturing the essence of love, remembrance, and the indomitable spirit of those departed:

In Loving Memory:

  • Forever In Our Hearts

  • Always In Our Hearts

  • Loved By All

  • Your Memory Will Live Forever

  • In God’s Care

  • In Our Hearts Forever

  • With Precious Memories

  • Forever Remembered

  • Remembered Always, Cherished Forever

  • To Live In Our Hearts Is Not To Die

  • Once In Our Lives, Always In Our Hearts


Reflecting Their Essence:

  • To Know Him/Her Was to Love Him/Her

  • Deeply Missed But Not Forgotten

  • Your Spirit is Our Laughter, Your Voice Is Our Song

  • Eternally Yours

  • We Cherish Their Memory

  • A Life Of Devotion, Courage, Wisdom, Truth & Love

  • A Gently Peaceful Man/Woman

  • A Man/Woman of Strength & Devotion

  • With Truth and Love in His/Her Heart

  • Hardworking Hands, A Tender Heart, An Honest Soul


In Commemoration of Bonds:

  • United In Life, Inseparable In Death

  • Remember Me Not With A Tear But With A Smile

  • With Love Always

  • Never Forgotten, Forever Loved

  • So Dearly Remembered, So Tenderly Remembered

  • Our Tears Are Mingled With Smiles

  • Together Again

  • A Lifetime Of Love And Devotion

  • He/She Had A Loving Heart

  • No Sacrifice Was Too Great, No Task Was Too Difficult For Those He/She Loved

  • Honest, Caring & Loving

Choose words that resonate deeply, ensuring that the chosen epitaph truly honors the memory of the departed.

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