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Our Process

How do I get started?

Stop into our location or give us a call.  We will sit with you and customize a monument that is as unique as the person you are honoring.  We will assist you with the design, granite color, layout, and a variety of other personalized options that are sure to conform to the cemetery's guidelines.
What happens once I order my Memorial and how long will it take to complete the order?

The whole process typically can take anywhere from 30 to 120 days depending on granite types and sizes. Once we take the time to talk about what is important to you. We typically will design your monument with our computer software at our initial meeting.  This gives you the ability to see different layouts and variations for you to consider before making a final decision. This also gives your family more control over design and layout instead of picking standard "templates" out of a catalog.    
Once a final draft has been selected, we will complete all permits or applications required by your cemetery.  At the same time, we will arrange for the foundation payment and be sure everything is approved on behalf of your family.
Granite for your memorial is selected or imported (if we do not already have it in stock) to our facility and master craftsmen begin the process of carefully carving, cutting, etching, and sandblasting your designs. Once we have received notification from your cemetery that the concrete foundation (installed beneath your memorial for support) has been poured, we will schedule the installation of your monument.

Why should I choose New Jersey Monument Company / Star of David Monuments?

Our basic foundation is we are a value-driven company.  We have been selling monuments, markers, and memorials since 2004, however, we have people on staff who have been in the industry for well over 20 years.  We are a "mom and pop" type company that takes pride in being a smaller operation.  We take a personal interest in each family we work with and do not operate a turnstile, mass-production type of business.  With this in mind, our low overhead as compared to our competitors keeps our pricing to you significantly lower.  Please keep in mind that paying a little less does not mean lesser quality workmanship or flawed materials.  

Do you offer an at-home consultation?

Yes, we do offer complimentary at-home consultations.  We have found over the years that many of our customers prefer to take the time to gather as a family and collectively design a monument.  Often times it is easier and more convenient for a representative to meet the family in their home.

What if I would prefer to duplicate a relatives monument?

We can very easily duplicate any stone, marker or monument.  Often times a family needs to match a footstone which is part of a family plot.  We can easily go to a cemetery, match the granite type*, take measurements and do a "rubbing" which is basically an imprint of all the details and designs of the existing monument with a special paper.

*When purchasing a memorial, the purchaser acknowledges that granite is a natural material and can have variations in color and characteristics.

Do you have the ability to do writing in other languages?

Yes, we can sandblast writing in other languages.  We request our families to provide us with a correct spelling and layout as we will not be responsible for the incorrect spelling of words in other languages.

If the funeral home offers monuments, should I go back to them?

Some funeral homes offer monument sales, however there is a difference.  Smaller monument companies, like New Jersey Monument/Star of David Monument specialize in one thing and one thing only, monuments.  Funeral homes are there to provide professional services when needed immediately and cover all other aspects when a person passes.  This is our trade and not a side business.  We pay extra special attention to fine detail and take the time to sit with families for as long as it takes to create the memorial.  We are not sidetracked by meeting with families who need to make immediate arrangements.  Do not be confused as we have relationships with many local funeral directors and we are not discrediting their professional services.

Process Sample

Here is an example of how easy we make the process for your family.

This is a monument that was currently in a cemetery.  This particular monument needed the rear to be customized.  (below pic #1)

Cemetery Monuments Process.

When the family was ready, we sat down and custom designed the blank polished side to their wishes.  (below pic #2)

NJ monument Company Monuments

Once designed, we temporarily removed the die (tablet portion of the stone), carefully fabricated the new design, cleaned the base and reset the die all within a few weeks.  (below pic #3)

NJ monument company process, after.
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